Magento 1 Modules

Over the years I've built a great number of Magento 1 modules. Many of them I can't even remember, or they were not tracked after being released into the wild. I eventually decided to catalog them here before being lost forever. This list is continually being updated.

1. Login Director

A multi-store login detection system which would prompt visitors with cross-website accounts to select their destination store view.

2. Quick Viewer

A responsive product quick-view integration with full PDP capabilities.

3. Image Cleaner

A fully-automated system for purging unused catalog images.

4. Order Monitor

A low-level, event-based order process flow monitor.

5. Sage Virtual Design Studio

A Sage VDS implementation helper module that deploys a virtual design studio link to product pages.

6. Third Party Inventory

An extension that aggregates distributor inventory for display on the B2B catalog.

7. Connector for Magento

The official Magento connector for

8. Interaction Log

A visitor tracking system that helps to debug specific user journeys.

9. Bushwerp

A custom ERP integration stringing together several platforms for a hunting equipment retailer.

10. Jetlore Ranker

A related products enhancement using the Jetlore platform.

11. Jetlore Tracking

A tracking integration to send visitor data to the Jetlore platform.

12. Lockdown

Just another access restriction module.

13. Slack Notifications

A customized Slack integration for Magento event notifications.

14. SKUs by Coupon Report

A built-in reporting tool that provides SKU-level data for coupon usage.

15. Listrak Connector

An event-tracking builder for Magento that sends data to Listrak's API.

16. Beanstalk App Connector

A connector interface for Beanstalk repository webhooks.

17. Client Manager

A managed service client provisioning system built on Magento.

18. Harvest Connector

A Harvest time tracking API connector for Magento.

19. Patch Knowledge Base

An internal aggregator of Magento security patches with knowledge base articles.

20. Resource Planning System

A series of resource planning tools for internal use.

21. Slack Webhook Receiver

A module for receiving comments and forwarding them to a target Slack channel.

22. CIM Alternate Account

An extension of the popular Paradox Labs integration that provides alternate API account storage.

23. Refer a Friend

A custom refer-a-friend module with unique customization options.

24. Team Profiles

An employee content management widget.

25. Unit Price Options

A price extension that offers unit-based price options and unique custom option enhancements.

26. Valutec Gift Cards

A drop-in replacement for Magento Enterprise gift card accounts using Valutec services.