Magento Module: Client Manager

A managed service client provisioning system built on Magento.


This module was developed to manage and automate some client setup workflows for our development team internally. When our team onboards a new managed services account, we typically have to repeat a similar process for inherting the web application. For example, a staging server must be constructed, a task management project needs to be created, and a deployment pipeline needs to be configured. This module was designed to allow a system administrator to use a series of Magento admin panel forms to create new client profiles that would in turn execute the series of provisioners needed to facilitate the onboarding process.



Technical Features

Code Sample

public function provision($id, $profileId = null)
    $provisioner = Mage::getModel('clientele/provisioner')->load($id);

    if (!is_numeric($profileId)) {
        $profile = Mage::getModel('clientele/profile')->loadDefault();
    } else {
        $profile = Mage::getModel('clientele/profile')->load($id);

    if (!$profile->getId()) {
        throw new Exception(sprintf('Profile %d does not exist', $profileId));

    if ($provisioner->getId()) {

    return $provisioner->getResult();

Static Analysis