Magento Module: Listrak Connector

An event-tracking builder for Magento that sends data to Listrak's API.


This module was developed to capture order information and send it to Listrak for reporting and workflow usage. Due to the complex field management process in some Listrak workflows, a corresponding interface was added to Magento to assist with mapping events to Listrak-specific fields.


Managing event tracking profiles

Configuring a profile

Using formatters to conform values to Listrak requirements

Configuring the integration

Technical Features

Code Sample

public function processEvent(Varien_Event_Observer $observer)
    try {
        $service    = Mage::getSingleton('groove_listrakapi/service');
        $event      = $observer->getEvent()->getName();
        $handlers   = $this->_getEventHandlers();

        $service->log("Processing event {$event} ...");

        foreach ($handlers as $handler) {
            if (strcasecmp($handler['event'], $event) === 0) {
                foreach ($this->_getHandlerInstances($handler['type_id']) as $instance) {
                    $service->log("Executing handler #{$instance->getId()} ({$instance->getTypeId()}) ...");


        $service->log("Event processing complete.");
    } catch (Exception $error) {

Static Analysis