Magento Module: Sage Virtual Design Studio

A Sage VDS implementation helper module that deploys a virtual design studio link to product pages.


This module was developed to help the merchant place Sage VDS buttons on product pages. Several placement options were built in.


The Sage VDS trigger on product pages

The Sage VDS opened

The configuration options

Technical Features

Code Sample

public function getConfigJson()
    $data       = $this->_config->getData();
    $product    = $this->getProduct();

    if ($this->isProductFeatureEnabled($product)) {
        $data['product_sku']    = trim($this->getProduct()->getSku());
        $data['enabled']        = true;
    } else {
        $data['enabled'] = false;

    return $this->helper('sage_vds')->jsonEncode($data);

Static Analysis