Magento Module: Team Profiles

An employee content management widget.


This module was developed to provide staff management functionality that could be deployed to static content and the customer dashboard area. Working with a team on this one, I created the initial module skeleton, table schema, widget, and block layers to serve data to the frontend developers.


Managing a team member profile

Creating and inserting widgets in content

Example of a prepared widget deployed to the customer dashboard

Technical Features

Code Sample

public function getProfiles()
    $collection = $this->_getData('profiles');

    if ( !($collection instanceof Varien_Data_Collection) ) {
        $collection = Mage::getResourceModel('teamprofile/profile_collection');
        $profileIds = $this->getProfileIds();

        if (!empty($profileIds)) {
            $collection->addFieldToFilter('profile_id', array('in' => $profileIds));

        $this->setData('profiles', $collection);

    return $this->_getData('profiles');

Static Analysis