Magento Module: Valutec Giftcard Integration

A drop-in replacement for Magento Enterprise gift card accounts using Valutec services.


This module was developed to integrate physical gift card services provided by Valutec with the merchant's online Magento shop. Leveraging the Valutec API, the module fully integrates with Magento Enterprise gift card functionality. It is completely compatible with native features, and performs 2-way synchronization of gift card codes, such that those generated in Magento are registered with Valutec, and those generated in Valutec are imported into Magento.


Integration configuration options

Native gift card account management

Technical Features

Code Sample

public function addValue($cardNumber, $amount)
    $data = array(
        'CardNumber'    => $cardNumber,
        'Amount'        => $amount,

    $result = $this->_call($data, 'Transaction_AddValue');

    if ($result->getHasErrors()) {
            Mage::helper('groove_valutecgiftcard')->__('Cannot add value to card.')

    return $result->getTransactionAddValueResult();

Static Analysis